25 December 2014 @ 01:53 am
What would you say if your boyfriend/partner/spouse told you that his ex tricked him into getting her pregnant?
15 December 2014 @ 04:11 pm
My oldest son received an invite to a classmate's birthday party.

My youngest son is friends with the birthday boy's younger brother, so he tried to get me to let him go.

I considered asking when i rsvp'd but neither my call or email was responded to, and i feel that just saying, "ps im bringing an extra kid" would be rude.

My younger son kept insisting that the younger sibling invited him, and today he is very upset because his friend wanted him there.

So booj- would it have been rude to take him? Would it have been rude to even ask (we do not know these people at all)? Am i a meanie??
24 November 2014 @ 12:34 pm
Let's say your children have been begging you for a cat or dog for years and you finally break down and get one. You have said animal for two weeks until you notice your oldest child is having an allergic reaction. You didn't notice before because the child was sick but now it's plainly clear. You had no reason to suspect an allergy because you had said animal in the past when your child was a baby with no issues. You and your children are absolutely in love with the new addition. Your choices are to take back/rehome the animal or keep it and your child has to take allergy medicine every day for the rest of the time they live with you. What would you choose? Would it depend on the age of the child, on wether he or she would be able to choose to take the medicine? Let's assume they would only be medicated for that specific allergy.
16 October 2014 @ 10:08 am
You wake up this morning to a phone call from your kid's school saying a staff family member was on the same plane as an ebola patient, but the school has contacted the health department and decided there is no risk to the students so it will remain open.

Your best friend from the next district over calls you a few minutes later saying she received the same type of call from her kid's school, but they have decided that it's safer to close the school.

Do you send your child to school?
11 October 2014 @ 10:29 pm
Let's say you've caught on to the fact that your neighbor kid smokes pot behind their shed, in your yard (the angle where he is best hidden from his own house.)

What, if anything, do you do?

Let's say somehow through mind reading or your neighbor posting this information in a rather large yet rarely visited community on an older nearly forgotten social media website, you find out that your neighbor has known about your kid's pot smoking for a while and has failed to say anything to you...

What, if anything, do you do, say, or think?
08 October 2014 @ 08:01 pm
Your booj kid comes home from middle school complaining that their math teacher is "mean". Even though you would never utter a single negative word about your snowflake, you have to admit that your kid has a vicitm mentality and a penchant for embellishing the facts in his favor. But you listen patiently as they go on and on about how "mean" this teacher is.

One day, your kid comes home with proof. He has secretly recorded this teacher singling out another student, your kid's best friend, in fact. This poor kid has always struggled in school, and has recently been having emotional problems stemming from this. In the recording, you can hear the teacher asking the kid over and over what the right answer is, only to be met with "ummm..." She begins to say things like "come on... use your logic!" in a condescending tone. She then includes the entire class by saying things like "everyone tell him the right answer", then having him try and repeat it back, which he simply is not comprehending. The kid is clearly embarrassed, but she goes on like this for a good 10 minutes.

You contact his mom, who you are close with, and tell her what you've heard. She is upset, obviously, but also confused, as he is getting an A+ in the class!  You begin to suspect that not only is this teacher a giant douchebag who doesn't know how to treat students with respect and sensitivity, but that she is deliberately giving her students grades they don't deserve.

How to proceed?

Bonus question: The kid's mom wants to use your son's recording when she meets with the school counselor, but your kid is worried about getting pulled into the situation and/or getting into trouble for secretly using his cell phone during class. What do you do?
02 September 2014 @ 03:31 pm
A woman was pushing her daughter on a swing, when a man approached and said his kid has been waiting to use the swing. The woman told him she would be another 5 minutes. The man then stopped the swing and tried to remove the child from the swing. Mom called the police.

Did mom over-react? Does it matter how long her kid had been swinging for? If this happened to you, what would you have done? How should one handle a "swing hog"?

Based on this: http://mobile.news.com.au/lifestyle/parenting/too-far-mother-calls-police-on-another-father-at-ryde-park-after-swing-set-altercation/story-fnet08ui-1227044862465
Vicki is dating Brooks.  Vicki has an adult daughter named Briana.  Briana is married with a baby and they live with Vicki (yes they pay rent, but probably not much).  Brooks told Briana's husband BlahBlah that Briana is mouthy, and out of line, and that BlahBlah should beat her into submission.  BlahBlah recorded this.  Now BlahBlah and Briana insist that Brooks is not welcome in their home.

What should Vicki do?
27 August 2014 @ 10:54 pm
Mom posts snarky comment about her kid's private school on facebook and tags the school. She is flabbergasted that they saw it and explained that such comments were against the handbook guidelines that she had read and returned signed. School not wanting to deal with more bullshit expels the kid, who is more entitled here? What should have been done before expelling the kid? How do respond if this happened to you?

26 August 2014 @ 09:22 pm
So let's say Shannon goes to Heather's house to clear up a disagreement.  Heather feels that the conversation is going badly, so Heather asks Shannon to leave.

Who is the jerk?