02 September 2014 @ 03:31 pm
A woman was pushing her daughter on a swing, when a man approached and said his kid has been waiting to use the swing. The woman told him she would be another 5 minutes. The man then stopped the swing and tried to remove the child from the swing. Mom called the police.

Did mom over-react? Does it matter how long her kid had been swinging for? If this happened to you, what would you have done? How should one handle a "swing hog"?

Based on this: http://mobile.news.com.au/lifestyle/parenting/too-far-mother-calls-police-on-another-father-at-ryde-park-after-swing-set-altercation/story-fnet08ui-1227044862465
Vicki is dating Brooks.  Vicki has an adult daughter named Briana.  Briana is married with a baby and they live with Vicki (yes they pay rent, but probably not much).  Brooks told Briana's husband BlahBlah that Briana is mouthy, and out of line, and that BlahBlah should beat her into submission.  BlahBlah recorded this.  Now BlahBlah and Briana insist that Brooks is not welcome in their home.

What should Vicki do?
27 August 2014 @ 10:54 pm
Mom posts snarky comment about her kid's private school on facebook and tags the school. She is flabbergasted that they saw it and explained that such comments were against the handbook guidelines that she had read and returned signed. School not wanting to deal with more bullshit expels the kid, who is more entitled here? What should have been done before expelling the kid? How do respond if this happened to you?

26 August 2014 @ 09:22 pm
So let's say Shannon goes to Heather's house to clear up a disagreement.  Heather feels that the conversation is going badly, so Heather asks Shannon to leave.

Who is the jerk?
13 August 2014 @ 06:52 pm
Today, Boojkid attends a public elementary school. One day, he comes home upset. The administrators have decided to replace recess with a structured activity. For the next two weeks, that activity is kickball. At the end of two weeks, another activity will be chosen. There is no option for sitting out or doing something else. It is either kickball or going to the office. When (or if) you call the school, you are told that it is for the kids health and safety.

Is this right or wrong? If wrong, how do you respond?

12 August 2014 @ 10:53 am

A Texas mother says she was kicked out of a pizza restaurant for changing her baby at her table.

Miranda Sowers said she didn't have much choice, though.

She was alone with her three girls at Brother's Pizza Express in Spring, Texas, when her 4-month-old needed changing.

She took the baby to the bathroom, but she said there was no place to change the baby, other than on the floor.

She said she had to use her last resort, changing the baby on the chair next to the table, and no one could see her doing it, but someone at the restaurant apparently did.

The restaurant reportedly brought the rest of the family's food to them in to-go containers and asked them to leave.

One restaurant employee said she didn't want to lose other customers because they see a dirty diaper.

Sowers said she has filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. The restaurant stands by its action.

Link to news story.

Do you side with the mother or the restaurant? What would you have done in her shoes?

03 August 2014 @ 02:29 pm
Based on: http://jezebel.com/awful-couple-ditches-baby-with-down-syndrome-with-thai-1615125773

A couple uses a surrogate, with a clause that requires an abortion in certain circumstances. The surrogate was injected with fertilized eggs (e.g. only her uterus was used, none of her genetic material). The surrogate becomes pregnant with the couple's twins.

A medical issue is discovered. The couple requests an abortion, the surrogate refuses. The twins are born. The couple takes the twin with no medical issues, leaves the remaining twin with the surrogate.

Should the couple be responsible for child support for the child left with the surrogate?
02 August 2014 @ 12:46 pm
Fresh from my facebook:

Is it gross to keep the umbilical stump or scab?
31 July 2014 @ 02:54 pm
Your child receives summer work from school. An aspect of the summer work is on a website. You receive updates from next year's teacher indicating the teacher is monitoring who is doing their summer work (and strongly encouraging those who aren't where the teacher thinks they should be to get started).

Appropriate teaching?
Does it make you more likely to encourage your child do the work?
Just need to vent about summer homework?
Need to vent about people who vent about summer homework?
17 July 2014 @ 07:07 pm
You live out of state from your only living parent (more than a day's drive away) and your parent has no family living nearby to them. You try to call them one day and they don't answer the phone at all or return your calls, all day, and you get worried. They also don't return your spouse's calls and you don't have siblings who could try to get in touch with him or her. Your parent is also very old fashioned and doesn't text or use Facebook/email, so the phone is truly the only way to try to connect with him or her. So you call the police and ask them to stop by and do a welfare check in case your parent fell and hit their head or is otherwise not OK.

Your parent then calls you after the welfare check, screaming about you about how all the neighbors are going to gossip and that the police now think your parent is some kind of derelict or criminal.

Do you:

a) let it go, knowing you did the right thing and were just worried
b) try to reason with your parent about how they live alone and you are far away so options were few as far as checking on them
c) something else? would calling the police for a welfare check be an overreaction on the end of the adult child?