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01 June 2016 @ 06:17 pm
One day a child falls into a zoo enclosure and is threatened by a large, dangerous animal. The animal is shot to save the child's life. Some people blame the parents, some people blame the zoo, some people claim it was just a terrible accident and no one is really to blame. Where do you fall? Will you still take your family to zoos?
11 April 2016 @ 06:49 pm
Taken from my real life.

I recently moved in to a 2700-home planned community in the suburb of a mid-sized city. There are single family homes ranging between $175,000 and $2million, as it's a lake front community. Think "big HOA" amenities - multiple pools, fitness club, kids' activities, pontoon boats for rent, local 5k races, etc. It's a massive community and the people who live here (many of whom have lived here since the first section was built 25 years ago) live and breathe this place. Think "aging stepford community."

About a year ago, after some major HOA fallout from our previous board, our community hired a new Community Manager. This person basically runs the HOA, and is paid a hefty sum out of our dues to do it.

It quickly leaked that she is a published author of erotic literature, and a quick google search yields all of her stuff including blogs, twitter, etc. of her erotic literature. She seems to update her blog quite often during the work week, but she does a good job managing the community.

The community is divided over this - half of them couldn't care less, and the other half are horrified that a family community would hire this woman and they want her fired immediately as they believe it will negatively impact this very family-focused, positive-PR community.

What do you think? As parents, would you care that the woman running your neighborhood very publicly/vocally authors erotic novels?
05 April 2016 @ 09:01 pm
Your blonde haired, blue eyed, 8 year old daughter tells you that she wants to dress as Judy from K.C. Undercover for "dress like a Disney character day" at school. Judy is black and wears very typical tween girl clothes that don't look much different than your daughter's everyday clothes. Her friend is planning to dress as K,C., so she really wants to be Judy.

pic of JudyCollapse )

Would you just send your kid to school with a nametag that says "i'm Judy from K.C. Undercover", try to replicate Judy's hairstyle (which would be an amazing feat of hairstyling and also probably cultural appropriation), or try to convince your kid to pick a different character who would be easier to dress as?

Any other options you can think of?

ETA: i took the easy way out and took her to the Disney Store Outlet. They had an Anna costume on clearance and she loved it.
20 March 2016 @ 06:17 pm
How do you feel about the quote, "What is beautiful is good and what is good will soon be beautiful?"
01 August 2015 @ 01:53 am
Due to the untimely death of their parents, you have been named the legal guardian of minor children. There have always been some major differences in your parenting practices and those of their parents. You disagreed on vaccines, carseat standards, homeschool vs. public school, medicating for mental health issues, and/or some other topics that are very important to you and/or them.

In which cases would you honor the wishes of the parents instead of doing what you decided to do with your own children (or plan to if/when you have them)?

Does the age/opinion of the child matter?
08 July 2015 @ 10:31 pm
I guess Volvo is coming out with a car that replaces the front passenget seat with a rear-facing child seat. What do you guys think?

01 July 2015 @ 06:39 am
I don't know if this was all over the news where you live, but it was here, so...

Let's say Bob is put under for a procedure, and he has decided to record the procedure on his cell phone so that he can use it to take notes of the doctor's instructions later. While he is under, the medical team makes mean comments and jokes about him, claiming he has illnesses he doesn't, was a whiner who needed a punch in the face, blah blah blah. When he comes to, he catches all of this.

Bob successfully sued, and the medical staff has lost their jobs.

Do you agree with the court's ruling?
22 June 2015 @ 09:16 pm
Let's say your child (lol) is representing your town in an official capacity. Let's say she's, oh, IDK, La Reina for the local fiesta. And she is the victim of a burglary, where her crown was stolen from her home. Then she went on facebook and said "this is why I hate coming to this effing town."

Would it be fair for her to be stripped of her title?

Does it matter if the town has had a not-so-good reputation recently?
Would it matter if the town has had a not-so-good reputation for a very long time?

Would her age be a factor in your opinion (let's say 14 vs 24)?
Would her own past behavior be a factor?
12 June 2015 @ 04:07 pm
When I was in grade one (so, six or seven years old), we had weekly spelling tests. After each one was graded, we had to take the notebook home and have our parent/guardian sign it. Those who didn't were penalized with a five minute detention during recess. It didn't matter if the student had left the notebook at school or if the parent forgot to sign it.

If a student forgot twice in a row, they'd end up with a ten minute detention and so on. I'm pretty sure if they brought it back signed the next week, the penalty would go back to five minutes if they forgot again. I don't remember if the student got off with a warning the first time they didn't have it signed or not. Some kids in the class rarely, if ever, had their spelling tests signed.

Do you think it's fair to penalize students for something their parents didn't do?

Does the age of the students matter?