Jules (koken23) wrote in booju_newju,

I've just now discovered that there is at least one place in the world - an airport in Finland - where the facilities include free-to-access play areas with toys for small people.

Good idea? Dumb idea? Pandering to the parents of the world at the expense of everyone else?

If you were rebuilding the world to make our lives as parents easier, what would you put into places like airports and such? You know, the places where we need to be - sometimes with our kids, even - but we get the stink-eye when our kids get whiny or fidgety or are otherwise less than perfect?

Personally, I love the plyroom idea. Having seen it mentioned in a post on my flist, I wish it were more common After all, EVERYONE IN THE ENTIRE AIRPORT has a better, less stressful time of travelling when any kids in their immediate vicinity can potentially be sidetracked from whining and have somewhere to fill all their excess crazed-zooming-around needs...
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