ben and maggie's mom (chrispina) wrote in booju_newju,
ben and maggie's mom

Mental illness?

I am certainly not qualified to be making any psychiatric diagnoses, but i believe that a close family member is suffering from paranoid delusions. She buys into all of the conspiracy theory stuff. She uses the term "Illuminati" non-ironically. She is convinced that a surveillance drone was following her. She has decided to home school because the Common Core is going to ruin her child. She lives in a state that does not use common core, but heard that it will be implemented at her child's school next year. No evidence to support this claim is posted anywhere that I can find, and when I called the school district, the two people I spoke to had never heard anything about it. She took down her facebook page people because people were stalking her. She's waiting to get whooping cough test results back for her 6 month old, who has only had one round of selective vaccines because vaccines are bad and he has been coughing to the point of projectile vomiting for a couple of days now. When I ask about where she learned this information, she says vaguely "I've been doing some really interesting research" and declines to give further details. there is a strong family history of various mental illnesses. when it's suggested that she visit a psychiatrist or therapist, she gets very defensive.

So anyway... if this was your close family member with young children, and you thought that the children were suffering because of the suspected mental illness, but you didn't have a reason to believe that the children were in immediate danger (no neglect or abuse), would you mind your own business or would you take some action? if you chose to take action, what action would you take?

i'm really trying not to be able-ist here, but i'm probably failing miserably. I take medication for anxiety myself and i believe that both my life and my parenting have improved greatly because of it.
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