February 24th, 2010

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Would anyone like to ejaculate their opinion on this?


How would you feel if your son came home and told you that in biology class, he volunteered to masturbate to provide sperm cells for the class to study? Does it matter if it was in the teacher's lesson plan?


Those that say they're okay(ish) with this plan, are you more okay if the students were instructed to retreat to the bathroom in the middle of class with their little cups to fill up, or if they were given the cups to fill up at home and bring back the next day?
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Teachers lapdancing in schools

Your 17 year old daughter comes home with cell phone footage of her high school's pep rally and promptly posts the footage on youtube, which immediately goes viral.

It goes viral because at the pep rally, two teachers performed lapdances and simulated oral sex on each other during a dance routine at the rally. During school hours. In front of the entire student body (pun intended).

Do you freak? Shrug it off because "Eh, they've seen that kind of thing before?" Demand resignations? Pull your kid? Just shake your head?

Sadly inspired by this story, which happened in my hometown:


ETA: Here's the youtube footage. Decide for yourself:

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Since it's quiet today

Let's do another friendolocalypse!

The rules are simple:

1. If you are open to new friends comment and say so.
2. If you see someone comment that you've always wanted to add and didn't for whatever reason, reply to them.
3. Or be brave about it and just comment with the usernames of people you'd like to add. Maybe they have been secretly wanting to add you too! OMG!

*actual friending is optional.

Hot for Sneakers

The one-two punch of biology class wanking and teachers lap-dancing reminded me of an episode from the days of my middle school life.

So, you have a son in middle school, and he keeps talking about how awesome one of his teachers is. Mr. S is younger than most of the teachers, and he's also a local boy who was a star athlete at the high school, et cetera, and is very well-liked by his students. Your kid is doing well in class, everyone's happy.

Then one day, you realize your son's sneakers are gone. When you ask him what happened to them, he tells you he gave them to Mr. S. Why? Because Mr. S asked him to. Why? Kid doesn't know.

(Do you get creeped out? Do you assume there's some kind of wacky misunderstanding going on? Do you go and tell Mr. S that sneakers for twelve-year-old boys do not grow on trees? Or do you figure your kid was about to outgrow them, anyway?)

Well, pretend for now that you haven't done anything about it yet, but when you tell the story to the mother of one of your kid's friends, she reveals that her kid did the same thing! A few phone calls, and you come up with a list of about a dozen boys--not all, a few more than half the boys in the class--have given Mr. S their sneakers.

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You have a young (think elementary age) child who is socially awkward and doesn't really have any friends at school. According to their teacher they do not socialize with anyone during school and simply getting them to speak when asked a question is a chore. They will speak while at home with siblings or others they are close with but are otherwise quite shy.

What do you do?
Intervene and try to find them a friend outside the family?
Hope it is a phase that will pass?
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If your child was molested as a very young infant (as in, a few months old), would you feel obligated to tell them about it when they got older, or would you think it would needlessly upset them?
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irl.. overheard by the water cooler. sorry for more school crap!

How would you feel if a teacher or other adult authority in your child's life purposely attempted to keep them from confiding serious probems in them? Okay.. that's worded badly-- My example, overheard recently, was a teacher saying she warns her students who want to 'tell her something' that she's obligated to take action if what they confide in her is something serious (no indication that she communicates this to them in a serious manner, as a therapist might, but more of a, "Whoa, hold your horses! Are you sure you want to be telling me this?" situation). They were actually referring to an incident where a girl's mother's boyfriend was arrested because she told a teacher at the school that he was beating the shit out of her (which he was). Some of the other teachers backed her up saying things like ."Oh yeah, watch out what you tell me!"

WDYT? Harmless attempt to keep kids from sharing TMI the teacher might be obligated to act on or irresponsible dodging of responsibility? FWIW, we're talking a K-8 school, but the teachers in question just teach 6-8.