who breaks a butterfly upon a wheel (laminy) wrote in booju_newju,
who breaks a butterfly upon a wheel

whoops, your kid is a racist idiot and has a Twitter!

In the wake of a your country electing a black person to office, your child makes racist, public rants on Twitter. In response, the people behind another popular website get in contact with your child's school, and inform them of your child's hate speech (and then proceed to write an article about it).

I am going to assume that nobody here is okay with the original tweets, and that if you were aware of them, punishment would be swift and hard, so that's not the debate.

But what would you think if you found out that this website had contacted your child's school? Do you think your child's school should be involved at all in the situation? Should your child face punishment at school for what they said online (assuming that they wrote the tweets on their own time, away from school)?

Also, what would you do if your child came to you and said that they were scared that they would face (or are facing) harassment/bullying at school, in public, or online for what they've said? Do you say they 'deserve it' for being stupid in the first place, or do you attempt to put a stop to it?

Inspired by this (warning for racist/offensive language). Most of the comments seem to be saying "bravo, these kids had it coming," but others say that what Jezebel is doing is irresponsible, and akin to bullying kids who made a very stupid mistake.
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